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Privacy Agreement 

Please carefully read the following information.  If you accept these stated terms, conditions, and provisions, print this page for future reference prior to clicking the "I Agree" button below.

 (A)     I understand that the completion of this application does not indicate there are open positions and does not obligate Snyder's-Lance, Inc, (the "Company") in any way. Should I be offered employment with the Company, I further understand that the offer of employment may be conditioned on my meeting additional pre-employment criteria.  I understand that the applicable pre-employment criteria will vary depending upon the position for which I apply as well as applicable state and federal law, and that such pre-employment requirements may include, but are not limited to, being legally authorized to work in the United States of America, passing a medical exam and/or a drug test, and meeting the Company's criteria for a satisfactory background check.  I understand that if I fail to satisfy any applicable prerequisite to employment, any job offer will be withdrawn and I may be disqualified from employment with the Company for a period of time.

 (B)      I understand that the Company will conduct a background check as part of its hiring process and that I will be required to sign necessary authorization forms.  I hereby release (i) the Company, its officers, directors, employees or agents, and (ii) any individuals, corporations, or organizations who provide information as part of the authorized background check, from any liability for claims for damages which may result from providing or obtaining the information requested by the Company as part of its authorized background check. 

 (C)      I understand that the Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Company recruits (and hires) qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship and veteran or disability status, and any other factors prohibited by law. 

(D)      I understand that the Company only accepts applications submitted through its career web site. To be considered for a position at the Company, I will need to complete the online application, and all future correspondence will be via email. To maintain the viability of my application for a position at the Company, I further understand that I must have an email account and monitor it regularly.  I understand that failure to respond to contacts from the Company within 48 hours may result in my removal from the candidate pool. 

(E)      I understand that some positions at the Company will require me to take one or more assessment tests during the application process.  I understand that I may be required to set aside additional time to complete any required assessments.

(F)      I understand that the Company is committed to providing disabled candidates and qualified employees with disabilities reasonable accommodations necessary for the completion of the application process and for performance of their job duties. I understand that if I need an accommodation in completing the application process, including completing any required assessments, that I should request such accommodation by emailing my accommodation request to TalentAcquisition@snyderslance.com or calling 1-866-695-2623.  The Company will provide further instructions concerning assessments at the assessment section of the application if I am applying for a position that requires an assessment. 

(G)     I understand that if I am offered a position with the Company, the offer will be for employment on an at-will basis. That is, the employment relationship is not guaranteed for any specific period of time and may be ended by the Company or me at any time, with or without notice or cause.

(H)      If I am employed by the Company, I hereby assign to the Company  all my rights, title and interest in inventions, improvements, works of authorship, ideas, data, processes, computer software programs, discoveries or other things, whether patentable or not (hereafter called intellectual property) that are made, conceived or reduced to practice by me, solely or with others, during my employment with the Company whether or not made or conceived during working hours or on the Company's premises, if such intellectual property: (i) relates to the business of the Company, or to actual or demonstrably anticipated research or development or a reasonable or contemplated expansion thereof, or (ii) results from any work performed by me for the Company or (iii) is developed on the Company's time or using the Company's equipment, supplies, facilities or trade secret information, or (iv) is based upon or related to trade secrets and other confidential information of the Company to which I had access through my employment by the Company.  I will disclose all intellectual property fully and promptly to my supervisor or manager and will execute all documents and do all things necessary to assist the Company, at its expense, in obtaining protection for intellectual property throughout the world.

I will maintain, in confidence, any proprietary and confidential information belonging to the Company, including information relating to intellectual property, trade secrets, confidential business and technical information, processes, applications, business practices and agreements, financial information, drawings, plans, methods, manufacturing information, engineering, research and development, and know-how, obtained or developed by me. Such information is the sole property of the Company, and I will not release the information to anyone outside the Company without prior authorization by my manager.


Privacy Statement


The Company is dedicated to taking appropriate steps to safeguard and protect private and personally identifiable information you submit.  The information that you submit will be collected and reviewed by employees, consultants, and vendors of the Company solely in order to evaluate your qualifications and experience for job opportunities and will not be used for marketing purposes, sold or shared outside of the Company. Such information will be stored for a set period of time. You may review, modify, or update your information by visiting www.snyderslance.com and logging into the careers section of the system.


Certification of Accuracy and Completeness

 My acceptance below indicates that this application was completed by me and the information in it is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that any misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of fact may result in the rejection of my application of employment.  If I am employed when the Company learns of such misrepresentation, falsification, or omission, I understand that my employment may be terminated.